About RCS

RECCAA Club is a project of RECCAA Charitable Society (RCS). It’s history and evolution are one of a kind for an alumni organisation. It all started by a group of enterprising alumni of REC Calicut (now NIT Calicut), whose pioneering spirit was only matched by unrelenting focus. Here is a glimpse of that story.

Formation of REC/NIT Alumni Association in Kochi

The beginning of the alumni association of REC/NIT Calicut in Kochi can he traced to the altruism shown to a fellow alumnus. Suma (1972 batch) suffered a serious ailment just after graduation. Her batch mates in Ernakulam and other alumnus under the leadership of Prof. Jussay organised for her treatment and recuperation. This led to more frequent casual meetings between small groups with Sudesh Jain, M. R. Devadas and a few others meeting regularly at Bharat Tourist Home (BTH). While they had mooted the idea of an Alumni association, it took roots only when Mr. Sudesh Jain met Prof. Jussay for advice on a problem at his factory. They then visited several factories around Ernakulam to mobilise alumni.

The first meeting to organise an alumni chapter in Cochin was held in Matha Tourist Home on 12th July 1984. The enthusiasm of the alumni and faculty was reflected in the attendance of about 70 odd students along with Prof. K. M. Bahauddin, Prof. P M. Jussay, Prof. Babu T. Jose, Mr. K. Balasubramanian, Mr.Mohanachandran and the principal of the Regional Engineering College at that time, Dr. UnnikrishnanPillai.

Sadick's house at Chittoor road was a regular meeting spot with pioneer alumni such as M. R. Devadas, K. M. Michael, Sudesh Jain, ChilPrakash, Francis Paul, Fazal Ali, Charles C. George, Gopakumar and others. Several ground-breaking initiatives was brainstormed here with main attraction may have been the mutton biriyani, pathiri, chicken curry, unnakai and other delicacies prepared by Mrs. Sadick!

The Cochin chapter of the Regional Engineering College, Calicut (currently known as NIT), Alumni Association was formally inaugurated at a dinner meeting at A. M. Sadick's house on 15th August 1984, with about 140 people in attendance. It’s now known as NITCAA (NIT Calicut Alumni Association) – Cochin Chapter.