Quarterly Cultural Night (QCN) at RECCAA Club is an excellent opportunity for the members to mingle with other member families and discover new connections. The young and upwardly mobile crowd at RECCAA Club also get to familiarize themselves with the nuances of the rich cultural heritage that our land boasts of.

A typical QCN at RECCAA Club consists of two parts – Showcase of a unique cultural event, including a live performance, followed by a sumptuous dinner with live music. Cultural nights at RECCAA Club have so far featured Ottamthullal, Chakyar Koothu, Mayooranritham, Theyyam etc. These are followed by live music and an elaborate dinner spread; each night featuring a specific cuisine chosen from across the world. The Flea market managed by the Ladies Forum of RECCAA Club adds to the festive air all around. In addition to the larger-scale Quarterly nights, RECCAA Club also conducts monthly meets, to cater to the varied interests of members.


The sustained enthusiasm among the members around cultural activities led to the formation of Cultural Forum at RECCAA Club. The forum was formally inaugurated on 22 February 2020 by the noted Movie director Sibi Malayil, at an event filled with a variety of live performances. The forum is envisaged as a platform for the members of RECCAA Club and their families to bring forth and nurture their talents in different art forms. The Cultural forum intends to conduct workshops and seminars by eminent cultural figures and also showcase the many often-forgotten art forms of our land. In the long run, the Cultural forum at RECCAA Club plan to associate with other cultural associations and serve as a cultural hub in the city of Kochi.

Members and their families are encouraged to actively involve themselves with the various activities of the Cultural forum. The Ladies forum at RECCAA club, that works closely with the Cultural forum, is also poised to take up regular sessions in various art forms that members are interested to involve in.