Club day is an annual event that serves as a grand finale to the various activities at RECCAA Club the year around. It also serves as an opportunity to recognize the achievements of members and family in various spheres of life.

With its vast premise and modern infrastructure, RECCAA Club is uniquely poised to take up a variety of sports and cultural activities within its premises. Typical run-up to the annual Club day includes tournaments in Badminton, Swimming, Carroms, Table Tennis, Cards etc that are conducted over several weeks. With schedules published much in advance and categories for several age groups, every possible care is taken to ensure that maximum number of members and their family are able to take part in the friendly competitions.

The Club day at RECCAA Club boasts of large participation from member families and their guests. With several performances, music, great food and wonderful camaraderie, the event is one of the most sought after in the yearly calendar of RECCAA Club.


New Year celebrations at RECCAA Club have, over the years, become synonymous to safe, fun-filled family events. The lush green lawn, wonderfully decorated, dots with various activities for guests. Elaborate buffet spread is the perfect setting for ushering in the new year with friends and family. The large parking space and vast open area affords RECCAA Club the unique ability to host a large function without feeling a pinch. The restricted entry ensures that guests spend their evening enjoying the activities rather than worrying.

The programs for New Year eve are carefully curated to cater to every member of the family. A dedicated kids area ensure that the little ones enjoy the evening in a safe and welcoming environment. The older kids find fun in spending time with their friends and activities like Magic performances. The night is filled with energetic performances by several artists, culminating in a DJ night and fireworks to welcome in the New Year!