RECCAA, found in 1984 had a storied history bringing together members for greater goods in society. RECCAA Charitable society (RCS) was formed specifically to focus on charitable activities. First project of RCS was RECCAA Club. Through this Club, everyone could join their hands together in supporting the disadvantaged and distressed in the community. Amazing relief efforts following recent floods is a great example of such fellowship among Club members.

Flood Rehabilitation

Homes for the affected: Devastation caused by great flood (Aug 2018) in Kerala was unprecedented. Many lost their lives. Thousands lost all their belongings, including their home. RECCAA Club played a major role in flood relief and rehabilitation efforts. RECCAA Club (along with NITCAA) built two brand new houses and repaired several damaged houses at Chendamangalam, one of the worst affected area of Ernakulum. Beneficiaries were two elderly widows, whose houses were destroyed and few other disadvantaged, carefully chosen with help of Dis. Collector’s office and local government. Club members from different parts of the world contributed immensely towards this project.

Flood Relief Efforts

Food and other essentials: Thousands of people lost their livelihood, belongings during the great flood of 2018. Kakkanad was a major hub of relief camps. Collection and distribution centres were setup to provide provisions, cloths, and other necessary materials to the affected.

About Rs 60 lakhs worth of provisions and other essentials were collected and distributed to various relief camps. Thousand kits of essentials were prepared and directly handed over to the affected areas. None of this would have been possible without joint effort of RECCAA Club and its members, NITCAA and various volunteer groups. Given its unique position, Club has played a major role as facilitator and logistical hub.

Support Local Charities

Club supports several local charities working in the community. They include Old age and Destitute homes, Institutions for differently abled kids etc. Club regularly make contributions towards such causes.

Club has several forums and on-going activities to contribute in specific sections of society. Women’s Forum is one such organisation working in women enablement. Club also jointly sponsor a program with NITCAA on a Lecture series by successful entrepreneurs, targeting start up community. Club’s Cultural forum conducts regular events on traditional art forms of Kerala. This not only enthrals the audience and also provides much needed support to artists of such often forgotten art forms.

Helping those in need and supporting weaker sections of society is in the DNA of the Club and its members. Interested members are encouraged to actively participate in such activities.

Distribution of school bags in LP school Kakkanad

School bag distribution at LP school Kakkanad.
Mr. Damodaran Namboodiri is the host.