About Us



Your clubing is all set to change at the RECCAA Club. While socializing is a necessary human activity, we also provide a platform for constructive discussion and action on socially relevant initiatives. The RECCAA Club is founded by socially responsible citizens, with a vision to disseminate humanitarian views and ideals in the society. We believe that an association of like-minded people can bring about radical changes for the improvement of our society. One of our fundamental aims is charitable activities for the lesser privileged. Membership is now open to discerning persons.

About RECCAA Club

RECCAA Club is owned and managed by the RECCAA Charitable Society (Registration No. ER 23/07). RECCAA (Regional Engineering College Calicut Alumni Association) is a close knit fraternity comprising old students and faculty of NIT (formerly REC), Calicut, and was established in 1983 in Kochi. Over the past 3 decades, RECCAA (now NITCAA) has successfully undertaken several initiatives, not just for the betterment of the group but for society at large. RECCAA Club is one such initiative under its aegis. RECCAA Club opens its doors not just to RECC and NITC alumni, but to anyone willing to abide by its policies. The members will be entitled to use all the facilities and privileges of the Club either individually or collectively, within the Club’s regulations.